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Parenting Tips from Farm Animals

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Farm animals can teach us so many different life lessons if we take the time to watch and observe them. Parenting tips are no exception. From the smallest of the small barn critters to the largest of the large and everything in between, livestock can model how we can better treat those most important to us. FARMILIES CONNECT encourages Michigan families to engage with local Michigan farms to learn more about animal science, husbandry and the life lessons that farm animals can teach us. Here are 3 parenting tips from farm animals.

Whatever way your child craves love from you, take some time today to ask them how you can make them feel even more loved.

1. Protection

It's not a surprise in the farm animal kingdom, the mother species usually is the one to take care of the day-to-day raising of offspring and young. Take the mother hen for example. She patiently waits 28 days for her babies to hatch out of their egg shells. Baby chicks are very vulnerable during the hatching time and thereafter. She must teach them everything she knows for their survival. She uses her wings to shelter and keep her chicks warm and safe from other animals, inclement weather and the elements. While we humans don't have physical feathered wings to outstretch over our young, we can metaphorically spread our wings in protection of the children in our care. Providing a warm and safe environment for kids while they are vulnerable is essential in helping them grow in to their fullest potential.

2. Encouragement

An encouraging gesture, kind word and spending quality time together are all terrific encouragements in a child's life. A mother cow uses her rough tongue to encourage her calf to stand shortly after it's born and she will softly moo to her baby to communicate "good job" as it takes to walking on it's wobbly, newborn legs. Cows being herd animals spend a lot of time together and momma cows spend time bonding with new calves so that they know who their parents are from the rest of the herd. Human parents can take a lesson from cows, although we don't recommend licking your kid or necessarily mooing at them, you can encourage your kiddos to take chances, be brave and try new things. Make sure you take time to let your kids know you're proud of them even if they fall. Let them know you'll always be there for them to help them grow and try new things.

3. Love Every living creature on the planet, including farm animals desires to feel loved. Many farm animal species use physical touch and non-verbal cues to communicate love to their flock or herd mates. Each human child expresses and needs a daily dose of love in a way that makes sense to them. Just like an alpaca might have a specific way of doing things or a favorite treat compared to its alpaca friend, children have their own individual styles of being loved and loving those around them. Maybe your child's "love language" is receiving a big hug, or getting to plan a special outing with you. Perhaps they enjoy receiving a special gift or giving someone else a thoughtful gift. Whatever way your child craves love from you, take some time today to ask them how you can make them feel even more loved. Just like an animal who feels loved, a child that feels loved is more apt to share love to others in return.


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