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Get Involved

If you're passionate about farming, agritourism and agriculture in Michigan, we would love for you to be involved with FARMILIES CONNECT. Learn more below.

Write for Us

Have an interesting farm topic, lesson, craft, recipe or agricultural activity in mind appropriate for families? We would love to feature you as one of our FARMILIES CONNECT guest authors. If you're interested in writing for our platorm, please contact us.

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Gift Sponsor
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Gift Sponsor

Once a month, we randomly select one of our annual Family Members of FARMILIES CONNECT to win an amazing gift from a local farm or agriculturally related organization. This is a great opportunity for free advertising as each gift and sponsor will be featured online. 


FARMILIES CONNECT retains the right to refuse any gift donation for any reason and request that gifts are of a minimum $25 retail value or more. If interested in sponsoring a gift towards our monthly Family Member giveaway, please contact us.

Advertise with Us

In addition to Farm and Farmers Market annual memberships, there are different opportunities to advertise with FARMILIES CONNECT and reach your target audience. Whether you're interested in a featured press release, sponsored email content or social media advertising, please contact us.

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