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Family Friendly Fall Farm Activities

One of the most beautiful things about Michigan is its seasons. Fall being no exception, it is a time of tradition, memories, harvest and a capstone to hurried and busy summers filled with celebrations, trips and events. Fall is a reminder to all of us to slow down, enjoy the present and those around us, including our own family members. FARMILIES CONNECT encourages Michigan families to engage with local Michigan farms throughout the Fall season to experience agriculture first-hand and have some fun as well. Here are 3 family friendly fall activities to plan into your schedule.

Fall is a reminder to all of us to slow down, enjoy the present and those around us, including our own family members.

1. Pumpkin Patches

There are so many Michigan farms that offer a wide selection of pumpkin patches. Roadside stands stocked with an array of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes to u-pick fields that give a taste of a hands-on harvesting experience. No matter where you go to get your festive fall pumpkins, it's an engaging experience for all ages. Let your kids take ownership of selecting which pumpkins they want to take home to put on display or decorate. Painting pumpkins is a fun and safer alternative to carving them for those with young children. Using paint stencils and gluing googly eyes and other fun accessories on pumpkins is a fun craft for a Fall, Michigan afternoon. An extended activity is to save your pumpkin seeds at the end of the Fall season to plant the following May or June.

2. Corn Mazes

No matter what age your family members are, corn mazes are a delight for all! Many Michigan farms offer corn maze experiences and often options for small children and more difficult mazes for teenagers and adults. Corn mazes are great family group activities. Make an outing for your family or large group and experience a farm activity together! Many farms incorporate challenges and quizzes throughout mazes and upon completion provide prizes such as a complimentary donut or apple cider. Because Michigan weather can be unpredictable, make sure to dress appropriately for your corn maze experience. Boots, warm socks and clothing layers will be your best bet to ensure an incredible experience for everyone involved.

3. Apple Picking

Apple orchards are one of Michigan's important fruit crops. There's just something about going apple picking that brings on the nostalgia of Fall. Farms across Michigan host fall festivals and seasonal events designed for families in mind. Whether you pick your own apples from live trees or purchase fresh apples at a local farm, there are so many fun ways to use the apples in delicious recipes and for healthy snacks. Making fresh apple cider, scrumptious apple pies or dumplings and canning apple sauce are great ways to spend time together in the kitchen as a family. Raw apples make great school and work lunch additions by themselves or add peanut butter and caramel for a tasty treat. Make going to your favorite apple orchard or farm this Fall an annual family tradition, one that your children can pass on to their children.


FARMILIES CONNECT believes the future of Michigan agriculture will be dependent on

market innovation and agricultural education. Agritourism is the bridge for both and a catalyst of fun and learning for families to experience. The purpose of this platform is to bridge the gap between farming and future generations, making agriculture appealing and engaging for children and adults, alike. This initiative strives to connect farms and families in Michigan through growing its membership and fostering engagement between members. Help support Michigan's diverse agriculture and farms by becoming a Family or Farm Member on a platform designed to connect farms and families in Michigan.

Liability disclaimer:

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